Seniors get a lesson in safety

"Our senior citizens need to feel empowered," said Captain Benita Childs of the Albany Police Department. "They need to know that they matter."

That was the theme of Tuesday's luncheon of senior citizens and the Albany Police Department.

Seniors from the Mount Zion Leisure Plus Ministry were given safety tips and strategies for making themselves less vulnerable to crime.

First and foremost, said Officer Christopher Richardson, is learning your surroundings.

"Know your neighborhood," said Officer Richardson. "Know what's ordinary, what's out of the ordinary."

Officers stressed the basics: locking all doors and windows, locking your car, and not leaving valuables out in the open.

The seniors also learned about Operation Tag It. The program is designed to give people a friendly warning if their possessions are not properly secured and therefore, more at risk for theft.

"We would leave a note, Albany Police Department, Captain Childs, please call me," said Captain Childs.

Lula Stokes was enthusiastic about the day's session.

"We're getting ready to step up to the plate and be defensive in trying to protect ourselves," said Ms. Stokes..

For more information on keeping your property â" and yourself â" safe, visit: