Senators join Sylvester for Georgia Cities Week

Officials dine in Sylvester. / Jessica Fairley

This week is Georgia Cities Week and to commemorate this time, state representatives and senators dined with Sylvester city leaders to catch-up.

When state representatives and Sylvester city leaders sat down for an Italian lunch, food may have been on the menu, but an update on the city was on the agenda.

"It's really just a great opportunity to hear about the needs in terms of infrastructure, health care, what the state and what Washington is doing and how it impact local communities," said Ed Rynders, State Representative (R)-District 152.

The group chatted about Sylvester's aging sewer system and how grants will help with future upgrades.

"A lot of the sewer pipes are old terra cotta pipes and they tend to separate and leak and you don't want that. So we're replacing all of that with modern PVC plastic pipes," said Bill Yearta, Sylvester Mayor.

This is just one of the projects that city officials are working on. Officials also plan to start phase two of their sidewalk project within the next few months.

Senators receiving updates about their districts say Sylvester is proof that the grant funds are money well spent.

"They have done a wonderful job in that regard and they will continue to do so I'm sure," said John Crosby, U.S. Senator (R)-District 13.

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