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      Senator Chambliss submits ideas to cut defense spending

      Senator Saxby Chambliss was given the opportunity to question senior military officials directly about the Department of Defense's spending on Thursday.

      Senator Chambliss argued there are better ways to cut down on spending than sequestration and says he thinks without question that more money should actually be spent on the department.

      "Whatever we are able to add to DOD spending, we've got to offset it somehow. We've simply got to get our fiscal house in order. I think if we're going to do that, the first place we've got to look at is the Department of Defense itself, said Senator Chambliss.

      Senator Chambliss says the department should take a deeper look at military equipment that is bought but sits in storage sheds as well as money that is used to fund medical research when that should come out of the National Institutes of Health.

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