Selection for Marine of the Quarter

The marine of the quarter is also eligible to compete for marine of the year. / Romney Smith

Each quarter the marines like to recognize a Marine Corps Logistics Command 'Marine of the Quarter' who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Sergeant Major Joseph Davenport with the Marine Corps Logistics Command says there is a detailed process for picking out that honor. To start, the first sergeants from Blunt Island Command, Headquarters Group, and the Maintenance Command get together to review the finalists. They're evaluated on items ranging from history of performance to records to any and all certifications. "We're looking at the total service for the marine, not just does he do his job, but does he keep himself physically fit, how does he do in his physical training, how does he do in his annual training? Things like NCIS, off duty education, and involvement in community service" says Davenport.

When the evaluation period and discussion about the finalists are over, a vote is taken. Once chosen, the marine of the quarter is recognized. "We really want those marines, to be good not just inside their MOS and be compartmentalized, we want them to branch out and be that total marine who represents the command who can do everything well. It's our way of saying, hey we recognize what you're doing all through the year, cause if you wait until someone is at the end of their tour, it would be three years before you recognize them, we like to recognize them as soon as they do things" says Davenport.

The marine of the quarter is also eligible to compete for marine of the year.