Secretary of State checks into Lee Co. voting

Ga Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, chats with Lee County Board of Elections members. / Jessica Fairley

Thursday Georgia's Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, made a visit to the Lee County Board of Elections to make sure they're on track.

"It's good to stop by and see them and see how things are going and see if they need anything from us and see if there's anything we can do better. Then we ask the same question just so we can continue to have a good strong relationship," says Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

State Representative Ed Rynders says this stop made it possible for locals to introduce Kemp to the particulars of local voting districts.

"In Lee County, a lot of the population is in the southern end of it and in the northern end you need to make sure that you have access available and in the southern end you need to make sure that you have plenty of precincts available to accommodate all of the people," says Ed Rynders, Georgia State Representative.

Out of 159 counties in the state, Lee County is among 16 set to participate in a pilot for a new voter registration program.

"We got counties that know what they're doing doing that because we need that feedback to make sure that we're getting everything in the system that we need to move it forward," says Brian Kemp.

"The new VR system is just more updated. It's more efficient, it's faster and it'll cut out some of the error that the old system has," says Hollis Johnson, Registrar for Lee County.

Johnson says the new system provides a fast way to find out whether someone is registered to vote or not and it also takes voters out of any other county that they may have been previously registered.

Georgia's secretary of state says although voting is done on one day, the election process is a 24/7 deal and keeping contact with local officials is one way to make sure the state is moving forward.

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