Second round of CRCT teachers appear before Dougherty County Tribunal

The Dougherty County Tribunal met Friday morning in the second round of hearings. / Sean Streicher

Dougherty County School System (DCSS) teacher's issued non-renewed contracts due to the CRCT scandal had a second day in front of the tribunal.

Dr. Tiffany Randle who teaches at Northside Elementary School and Tara Mallard teaches at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School were the teachers going before the tribunal Friday morning.

Both the teachers and DCSS agreed to a sixty day suspension without pay, with their time to be considered served due to the time they spent at the Isabella complex. The pay they would have lost will be deducted from future paychecks.

After deliberation, the tribunal recommended that the suspension be equal to 40 contract days.

The tribunal chairman, Gary Walker, sees this as a fair punishment, "It was wrong but it wasn't the case of blatant cheating as we've seen in other districts particularly up in Atlanta where they actually had pizza parties and changed the answers on the test."

The Dougherty County School Board still has to approve the tribunal's recommendation at a future date. The school board does not have to accept the recommendation, and can change the punishment as they see fit.