Seasonal flu vaccines re-stocked

Seasonal flu doses restocked

Southwest Health District Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant says this has not been a very typical flu season. Her office had offered seasonal flu vaccines earlier in the season than normal and quickly ran out.

"We thought that the remainder would be here before now but those; that production was delayed a little bit with all the production around H1N1 so we're just now getting that second half of our order," said Grant.

Grant says the H1N1 virus has been getting most of the attention lately and information may be confusing to some. That vaccine is offered free by their department where the season flu vaccine could have a $20 fee. District Public Health also says that the two separate vaccines prevent two separate viruses, which may also be confusing.

"It's not that one is better than the other. What we're talking about is two different potentially different strands of flu viruses that maybe circulating," said Grant.

Public Health Departments in the 14 county region have been re-stocked with the seasonal flu vaccine, which they say along with the local pharmacies supplies should get them through until March.

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