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      Search warrants issued at Slappey businesses

      Third Update 6:27 PM:

      Officers have arrested the co-owner of Bio-Buzz and Genesis, 26-year-old Sarah McClain, for Violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act, possession of Schedule I substance with intent to distribute, and possession of Schedule I substance within 1000 feet of a park and school.

      Second Update 4:00 PM:Officials with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit say that three people have been arrested and two more detained for questioning.Officers have arrested Stephen Bradford, the man who owns Bio-Buzz, Genesis Emporium, and The Wash House. He is charged with possession of spice with intent to distribute.

      They say they have also arrested 57-year-old Noel Franklin Garner and 26-year-old Sarah Yarborough. Garner has been charged with possession of a schedule I controlled substance, possession of drug related objects and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Yarborough has been charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance within 1000' of a park and possession of a controlled substance within 1000' of a school.In all, they add that four search warrants and two traffic stops have yield $6,997 and spice seized with the investigation continuing into the stores.First Update 12:45 PM:Major Bill Berry with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says another business adjacent to Genesis Emporium has been issued a search warrant. Officers are currently searching The Wash House.

      ADDU is currently issuing another search warrant for a storage facility connected to the Laundromat.

      One person has been arrested and two or three are being interviewed. Officers found a gun and spice in the vehicle belonging to the person arrested.


      Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit officials say they recovered numerous bags of synthetic marijuana, also known as "spice", at two businesses Friday morning on Slappey Boulevard.

      ADDU Major Bill Berry says undercover police officers have been buying "spice" out of these locations, Bio Buzz and Genesis Emporium.

      "It's a huge problem here in Albany," Berry said. "We've been responding to complaints about this place and others and that's when we started an undercover operation."

      The owner of Bio Buzz was indicted just a few months ago after more than 600 items were recovered at the business in 2010.

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