Search continues to seventh day

A DNR ranger searches the water Tuesday morning

Six days and no sign of a missing elderly woman.

The search teams wrapped up efforts Tuesday around 5 p.m. and are continuing on to day seven. 77-year-old Fannie Corley hasn't been seen since Christmas Eve when her abandoned car was found on a bridge over Lake Chehaw.

The Department of Natural Resources brought in a top notch sonar device Tuesday afternoon to help narrow in on a scent cadaver dogs picked up on Monday. The sonar picked up on a mass under the water, but it turned out to be a log. It's another false alarm in a six day search for Corley.

Six days of searching means a lot of man hours, a lot of resources, and a lot of money. However, Sheriff Reggie Rachals says no matter how expensive the search gets, they're not giving up.

"We can't put a price on anybody's life," Rachals said.

Since there's no definite evidence showing Corley is in the water, the Lee County Sheriff's office is asking anyone who thinks they might have seen her to call 229-759-6012.