Schools take special precautions with food allergies

Local school systems say they individualize lunches for those with food allergies / File

In Tuesday's Facebook Story of the Day viewers wanted to know how local school systems help students with food allergies.

Food Services at the Lee County School System says the parents need to notify the cafeteria manager with a doctor's note. This doctor's note should have the specific allergy and foods the child has.

Local school nurses say the parent should provide their child's teacher with an epi pen in case of an emergency, especially during class parties and field trips when a student may accidently eat something they are allergic to. She says the school does not provide epi pens.

"If the child has an epi pen we need to ensure multiple people in the school know how to use it, know where it is and know what symptoms the child would present with," says Ri Lamb, a school nurse at Southside Middle School.

Lamb adds that an epi pen works for a short period of time, and a student who has an allergic reaction to food should also be immediately taken to the emergency room.

At Lee County, they say an individualized menu is created for students with food allergies that still meets the nutritional requirements. They say there is a last check at the checkout: A digital reminder comes up about the student's allergies.