Schools struggle to meet state rule

Dougherty County School System Finance Committee. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia school systems are required to spend 65 percent of their budget on direct instruction but with the tough economic times, administrators are finding it tough to make that mandate.

The Dougherty County School System Finance Committee is planning to submit a waiver to the state to withdraw from the 65 percent law for the current school year.

For the past few years, the school system has only been able to use 60 percent of funds towards direct instruction.

"When the economy suffers and budgets are cut, we have some fixed costs like fuel costs, health insurance match, and things that you don't have control over and those expenditures have to be made and they are not considered direct instructional expenditures," said Kenneth Dyer, DCSS Finance Director.

Out of 180 school systems in the state, only 54 were able to meet the 65 percent rule in 2010.

The matter will go before the school board for an official vote.