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      School system receives notice of teaching certificate suspension

      Dougherty County school officials received notice that three employees are to have their teaching certificates suspended effective March 22nd. Two employees are no longer with the school system; however, Dr. Valerie Thomas, Principal of Monroe Comprehensive High School, is among those slated to lose teaching privileges for a period of 90 days.Dr. David Mosley, Interim Superintendent for the Dougherty County School System, says he spoke with Dr. Thomas and she is consulting her lawyer about the matter.Dr. Mosley says the principal of Monroe High School has not been removed from her position as of yet, but once her certificate is revoked on March 22nd, she can TMt work for the school system. He says as far as he knows, Dr. Thomas will be at the school on Wednesday.The superintendent for the school systems says Dr. Thomas has several options. She can choose to fight the allegations of breach of security in courts, she can resign, or she can retire.School officials do not have a plan in place right now for the selection of a principal to finish out the remainder of the school year at Monroe High School but they say they will have a plan in place in due time. School leaders are awaiting a response from Dr. Thomas to see what her intentions are about handling the situation.Dougherty County Interim Superintendent Dr. Mosely says, She is innocent until proven guilty. At this point, he believes Dr. Thomas is trying to set up a hearing with the Professional Practice Commission in Atlanta to prove her case.She is accused of a breach of security in relation to CRCT testing that happened at Lamar Reese Elementary School.Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!