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      School system meets to release teacher

      The Dougherty County School System met this morning for a personnel hearing regarding the dismissal of a teacher.

      / Matt Prichard

      Second Update (11:45 AM)
      The board has decided to terminate Dr. James effective immediately.

      A hearing is scheduled for February 6th where James will appeal the decision.

      One of the reasons given for his termination was that his certifications were out of date because the Georgia Professional Standards Committee did not renew his license.

      First Update (11:30 AM)
      Dr. James reportedly had his certification revoked after sexual harassment charges were brought against him in early December.

      James has spent time as the Principal of Southside Middle School, and the Vice-Principal at Monroe High School.

      Interim Superintendent of the Dougherty County School System, Dr. David Mosley, states that James has been, "A long time problem for the school system," and he quote, "needs to go."

      Dr. James also made headlines in late 2012 for grabbing a Monroe High School female student and flipping her backwards in an effort to stop a fight.

      Board members are currently in executive decision and are expected to make a decision shortly.

      Initial Story
      The Dougherty County School System met this morning for a personnel hearing regarding the dismissal of a teacher.

      Dr. Joey Dwayne James is the teacher in question; as board members are hearing testimony from witnesses to decide whether or not to release Mr. James from his 2012-2013 contract.

      Superintendent, Dr. David Mosely, made the recommendation for Dr. James' termination after it was revealed that his educational certifications were out of date.

      Superintendent Mosely reiterated that having a teacher that is not certified is a hazard to the school system and to the students it serves.

      Dr. Mosely has recommended immediate termination of contract, through a judgment passed today by the school board.

      Defense representation for Dr. James is hoping to reserve that judgment until a hearing can be setup in front of a judge in court.

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