School officials set aside money for changes

Dougherty County School System officials go over funds. / Jessica Fairley

The Dougherty County School System's Building and Grounds Committee has approved an additional $39,000 for unforeseen changes on current projects.

Dougherty High School is in phase two of its upgrades.

Officials say they are also in phase two of the Monroe High School design process.

In Wednesday's meeting officials also discussed their five year plan.

There are about $50 million worth of construction that they want to accomplish in that time.

"We took this meeting to discuss cash flow and to look at the future projects that still need to be done. Work at Northside and Turner and Albany High," said Bob Fowler, Director of DCSS Facilities Services.

Board members will take this upcoming week to look at future SPLOST dollars and projects over the next five years.

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