School officials announce AYP predictions

DCSS is expecting 85% AYP overall this year

The Dougherty County School System announced their expectations of this year's annual yearly progress report. Official first round AYP scores are expected to be released any day now.

Schools must meet three factors in order to meet AYP. Officials say 15 schools will make AYP in the first round, and another 4 to 7 schools are expected to make it in round two. If all seven succeed, Dougherty County would have 85% making AYP.

DCSS Test Coordinator Renee Bridges says it isn't a bad number, but she knows our schools can do better. "We're not satisfied with 85%; we want 100% and were going to continue to strive to make the 100%. It's going to take some time; it's going to take some effort. We're not disappointed but we definitely want them to know that were not going to settle" says Bridges.

School officials are still waiting for the official first round results and expect second round results in September.