School finance committee discusses whistle-blower policy

Dr. Joshua Murfree speaks at Tuesday's meeting / Ashley Knight

The Dougherty County School System's Finance Committee met Tuesday morning and discussed increasing facility user fees, accepting debit card payments and improving their whistle blower policy.

Finance Director, Robert Lloyd says beginning next school year, they will be accepting debit card payments for things like textbooks, school lunches and field trips.

It's all in hopes of making things easier on parents and decreasing the possibility of theft.

The committee also will be raising fees on facility rentals in January, such as classrooms and assembly halls.

"That's going up from $31.25 an hour to $50 an hour from January. Or from $250 a day, an eight hour day, to $400 a day," says Lloyd.

The committee also considered updating its whistle-blower policy.

Instead of people calling in and complaining anonymously, they would rather they fill out a form with more information.

"And we don't want any persons to think that when they whistle blow, that they're gonna get in trouble. I don't care whether it's our personnel or someone out in the street. We don't want someone to just squawk us something, we want someone to be just that open," says Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree.

They will make a formal recommendation to the school board at their next meeting.