School fight leads to investigation

Dougherty County School System officials are investigating an incident that happened at Monroe High School. / File

Assistant Principal Joey James intervened during a student fight at Monroe High School.

Dougherty County School System officials say, "The incident recorded on video depicting Assistant Principal Joey James breaking up a fight at Monroe High School is being investigated by the Dougherty County School System Police to determine if procedure was followed or if administrative and legal action is required. Action will be taken based on the outcome of the police report."

Dougherty County School Police Chief Troy Conley says, "the fight happened Wednesday, December 5th in the school cafeteria, and we are currently reviewing video surveillance from the school about the incident."

James has been investigated before by the Dougherty County School System after allegations were brought forward by an employee that James had inappropriately touched her at the workplace.

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has confirmed to FOX 31 News that they are currently handling a complaint regarding Joey James but it's unrelated to the video. The Commission has issued a decision on that complaint and it's in the first level of due process. An administrative law judge has also made a ruling on the complaint giving James 30 days to appeal. Should James not appeal, the commission says the case closes and it becomes public record.

School authorities say James in still currently employed with the school system as a part of the Monroe High staff.

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