School, community officials talk teen pregnancy prevention

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joshua Mufree spoke at Wednesday's luncheon

Folks from the Network of Trust, Phoebe Putney Memorial and the Dougherty County school board were at a luncheon Wednesday talking about the importance of preventing teen pregnancy.

School Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree says pregnancy is viewed very differently today than in years past.

"In the 1950's if you got a girl pregnant, guess what? That was your woman. You had to marry her. That was just like a cardinal rule, you had to marry her because it becomes your responsibility," said Murfree.

Responsibility was a recurring theme at the luncheon, which focused on teen pregnancy and how to prevent it. Dr. Murfree believes prevention starts at home. But if you're past prevention...

"You might cry, but there's no need to fuss. Only thing that hits your mind now is support. How do we support this? But then how do we show this young lady responsibility?" said Murfree.

Angie Barber with the Network of Trust says having a baby has tremendous impacts on not only the parents, but the community as well. But it's also important to keep that person a part of the community.

"You want to make sure a young person who has a child has a nurturing environment, has the love and support to know they can remain in school, they can be a viable, healthy individual and a parent," said Barber.

But Darrell Saabs with Phoebe Putney says let's not forget the young men who have a hand in this as well.

"You cannot only intervene with the young lady because actually, it takes two to tango. If you only serve the young lady then you're sending out a false signal that it's totally her fault or totally her responsibility. The young male or the young father who is involved needs an intervention; he needs to learn the principles of manhood," said Saabs.

You can contact the Network of Trust at their website or by calling 229-889-7360.

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