School bus offenders align with the law

Simple rules keep kids safe on their commute to school and home. / WFXL

New information released by the Georgia Department of Education reveals that the number of drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses is declining.

In 2012, during a one-day voluntary statewide survey, 6,807 vehicles illegally passed stopped school buses. That number is down from 7,349 last year and 8,102 in 2011.

Although the numbers are dropping from year to year, officials say school bus offenders are still a serious issue.

The released figures are likely higher than what's documented because not all of the state's 178 school districts with bus programs turned in data.

Since 1995, thirteen Georgia students died when they were struck by motorists at the school bus stop.

Results from the national survey conducted back in April show that more than 89,000 people violated the school bus stop sign in one day and 105 of those were in Dougherty County.

All drivers are asked to adhere to the law when it comes to school bus safety.

Here are the rules to remember; the yellow bus means caution, and if you're driving on the same side of the road as the bus, the red sign always means stop.

"When there is a divided highway with a barrier, whether it's grass or concrete barriers, the cars can pass but pass with caution," said Kenneth Williams, Dougherty County School System Transportation Director.

If it's a road way without any median, motorists must adhere to the sign, ensuring that each child who exits the bus makes it home safe.

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