School brings music to pump up students for reading

Photo Credit: Allen Carter

Lamar Reese Elementary School is a magnet school centered around the arts.

So Friday they brought in some musical inspiration to get students pumped up for their I-Care program. Gabriel and the Rock Crew preformed songs that were geared toward motivating students to read and write.

The I-care program is a curriculum that involves the students, teachers and parents.

"It's just an inspirational method that we use to just motivate the kids to read and to motivate the parent to support what we are doing here at this school, so that we can do the same things at home and we can work together as a team," said Lamar Reese Parent Facilitator Rodriquez Graper.

This is the fourth year schools in the Dougherty County School System have done the I-care program. They say because of parental involvement, they have seen increases in students grades and reading scores.