School board votes to keep Mosely as part-time employee

Photo Credit: Colby Gallagher

The Dougherty County Board of Education voted on Monday night to request a waiver from the state to allow Dr. David Mosely to remain superintendent while working at both 49% salary and hours.

In the 5-1 vote, members requested that Dr. Mosely stay on board as a part-time employee rather than bring him out of retirement at a hefty price.

Chair Carol Tharin says the board is trying to exhaust all additional efforts before they agree to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ Dr. Mosely full time.

Despite the vote, members say the chance of the state approving the 49% waiver is slim because they're asking for the department to waive a law that was just put in place less than one month ago.

School board member Darrel Ealum says members are realistic and know the state will probably deny the waiver, but as that process is happening the board is reviewing their other options.

If the waiver is denied, members will have to negotiate a new contract to bring Dr. Mosely out of retirement to employ him as they search for a permanent replacement.

The board has until October 1st to reach a final decision and hope that whatever the state's decision may be, they'll be able to negotiate an agreement to keep Dr. Mosely throughout the upcoming school year.

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