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      School board honors top students

      It was quite possibly the largest crowd ever assembled for a Dougherty County School Board meeting

      It was quite possibly the largest crowd ever assembled for a Dougherty County School Board meeting. Some people were flowing out the door; others were sitting on the floor.

      "It's the largest number of student honorees that we've had at a board meeting," said Dougherty County School System Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

      The school system presented awards to more than 60 students, each of them for placing at a scholastic competition.

      "I'm real proud to say that because it indicates that students are learning what they need to learn to compete at regional state and national levels," said Harter.

      Students like Quintavious Wallace a senior at Monroe High School. He was recognized for winning two regional awards for marketing.

      "This is a big epic thing in my life. It lets me know that I can do it. I can move forward and I can be somebody one day. And it's something that I take pleasure in doing," said Wallace.

      He says it's something he plans to continue in college and professionally.

      "I would love to open up my own business when I get older, primarily in the area of medical field so I would love to do marketing when I get older," said Wallace.

      The school board also tackled some serious business, like what to do with Reastgo Holmes, a teacher accused of offering money for sex to a high school student.

      Holmes turned himself in and was arrested last week for pandering to a 17-year-old student. Monday the board took action by accepting Holmes's resignation.

      "We don't condone inappropriate behavior with students and we certainly don't condone the type of behavior that Mr. Holmes has had with students," said Harter.