School board at-large candidate square off

Dougherty County school board at-large candidates squared off Thursday night in a debate at Albany State University.

The first question of the night was what makes you the better candidate.

Lane price said it's her goal to create recovery in the school system, while Lorenzo Heard said his truancy programs with kids prove his record.

If elected into the school board at-large position both candidates said they have a plan.

"The first thing is to get to know the school board members better and to get more comradery. The second thing is to figure out how we can better effect education for our kids," said Dr. Lane Price.

Heard's goal is to tackle the school board's outdated policies.

"I'm concerned with looking at reviewing policy from a board standpoint. What policies are outdated and what policies we need to change," said Rev. Lorenzo Heard.

Both candidates agree in their stance on charter schools, that it may take money away from the public school system.

When it comes to what their first projects would be as school board at-large they disagree.

"We got to look at the money situation. Let's face it we've got to be able to pay for what we are doing," said Dr. Price.

Heard stated that he's more concerned about the children.

"We got a culture where children come to school ready to learn have and attitude and a spirit to learn and think that's what we've got to cause to happen in the Dougherty County School System," said Lorenzo Heard.

In closing remarks, heard said it's his record as a community leader that shows why he's the top candidate.

Price says the people of Dougherty County have spoken once on her behalf and that's why she should serve in the school board at large position.

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