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      School board approves Murfree's superintendent contract

      The Dougherty County School Board approves its new superintendent TMs contract. Dr. Joshua Murfree will start on the job June 8.

      After four months of controversy surrounding the board TMs choice for superintendent, Murfree TMs deal is done.

      Murfree will have a base salary of $140,000. Once he gets a required leadership certificate Murfree will get $147,000. Whatley makes $149,000. Initially he asked for $175,000 with a $5,000 bonus. Murfree gets the same benefits as Whatley including insurance, a $3,000 spending fund, and $5,000 fund for awards. One difference is a $600 monthly car allowance. Whatley gets $500. Murfree can still get paid to teach college courses. The board unanimously approved the contract.

      Not four votes. Not three votes, but all seven votes agreed on that contract so that TMs a group of people about business, Murfree said.

      Murfree, who hasn TMt spoken with the media until now, is asking for the community TMs support.

      From the parents, the teachers, the administrators, the media, everyone.

      With budget cuts and possible furloughs, Murfree is facing many challenges as the school system TMs 14th superintendent. He didn TMt talk specifically about those challenges, but says he TMs looking forward to moving forward.

      Dr. Joshua Murfree: Whether it TMs gonna be hard or not, my challenge and my charge is to come together. We TMre not going to deal with the past. It TMs from this day forward where we TMre going.

      Murfree TMs contract is for three years. Click the links below to see Murfree's approved contract, his proposed contract, and Whatley's current contract.

      Dr. Sally Whatley's contract

      Murfree's approved contract

      Murfree's proposed contract