School Board approves Lamar Reese rezoning

Dougherty County School Board

The Dougherty County School Board approved a zone change for Lamar Reese Elementary School that will make it a magnet-only school beginning next school year.

Currently Lamar Reese includes students within its zone as well as the magnet students.

Some children will have to switch schools, some will be able to finish, and School Board Chairman David Maschke says the board still has to work out zoning language in reference to siblings of current students. "We asked the administration to take another look at the sibling policy to determine when siblings would be allowed to go into Lamar Reese and when they would be required to go to the new zone school which is MLK" says Maschke.

In other school board news Dr. Joshua Murfree was voted four to three to be the best qualified candidate for superintendent. The vote is a necessary requirement according to state regulations. The board will meet this Friday in an executive session to discuss Dr. Murfree's contract.