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      School Board approves contract for Superintendent Mosely

      The Dougherty County School System's Board of Education discussed employment matters at a Wednesday afternoon meeting that included the contract of Superintendent Dr. David Mosely.The board approved a new contract for Mosely valued at $225,000, which board member James Bush says he disagreed with.Bush says in the past $175,000 was the salary for Superintendents. Now the board has approved $225,000 plus $1,000 a month in travel expenses. Bush adds this seems to be too much especially when there are pay cuts being implemented into DCSS.Board member Darrel Ealum adds he's been researching the salary for a year and thinks it's appropriate. He said, "It was important that we offered a comparable salary in relation to the commitment and difficulty of the job."Dr. Mosely was excited to take the contract and responsibilities. He says he plans to continue to focus on efforts from school authorities. As for the salary he's says he could of made $160,000 retiring or $225,000 working, he adds it seems fair in a diligent job within a $190 million industry.The board decided to appoint two principals, Fred Polite at Southside Middle School and Al Pollard at Merry Acres Middle School.Stay connected to as the story develops and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 p.m.