Scammers target hotel guests

Scammers are now targeting hotel guests / Ashley Knight

A new scam is keeping hotel guests on their toes.

Scam artists are calling hotel guests in the middle of the night posing as the front desk clerk.

They tell the guest the computer system has crashed and they need the card information again.

Hotel officials say their clerks would never call a guest at night and furthermore, they would have a backup system with your card information.

Captain Craig Dodd with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office says scammers could also be trying to lure your from your room to rob you.

"There's all kinds of things they can do, they can say hey, I bumped your car in the parking lot, or this is the front desk, someone hit your car in the parking lot, can you go out to the parking lot," says Dodd.

In that situation, you should hang up on the person and call the front desk to verify the information.