Scam outed by Moultrie Chamber

Scam moves through Moultrie with the Chamber of Commerce warning against this phony phone scam. / From file

Moultrie Chamber of Commerce members are warning residents about a new scam that may sound more enticing than others.

The telephone con-artists claim to be a company out of Texas looking for citizens that support their local sheriff or fire departments.

After asking for your personal information to be put on a mailing list, the scammers then take the info and use it to steal your identity.

And although this might seem frightening, officials say there's an easy way to avoid it.

"You definitely want to say that a company that's legit is going to say here's our credentials you're more than welcome to check on them, we have a manager, this is how we're representing and make some calls before you give that information out," said Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman, Beth Hayden.

Moultrie Police are investigating the scam, but until it stops the chamber hopes citizens will be a bit more cautious.