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      Save water, energy and cash this weekend

      Friday marks the start of a special holiday weekend in Georgia aimed at encouraging customers to buy more energy efficient items by offering all Energy Star and Water Sense rated items up to $1,500 with no additional sales tax. Experts say it TMs an added incentive to teach people how important preserving our resources is.

      "As school children, we're all taught that are fossil fuels are running lower and lower so the more efficient we are at utilizing the resources we have now, the longer they're going to last and the better it will benefit not only us but our future generations, said Brian Dubose with the Albany Home Depot.

      To further encourage more customers to try and conserve, certain providers like Georgia Power even give out rebates on energy efficient items to help offset the initial cost.

      Andrea Revills with Georgia Power says though they may lose some money, if we don't make steps towards conservation we won't have an option for long.

      "You have to think about not only do I want to save while I'm enjoying the benefits of this earth, I also want to ensure that my children have the benefit of enjoying the earth. We don't want to deplete all of our resources," said Revills.

      The holiday runs through October 6th and for those who aren't looking for a major change, even a water-saving showerhead can lower your bill.