Santa brings lower gas prices before Christmas

Photo Credit: File

Christmas isn't here quite yet, but Santa brought motorists something to cheer about before his arrival in the form of lower gas prices.

Motorists get the gift of falling gas prices right before the holiday travel season begins on December 22. Pump prices are forecast to decrease even more as millions prepare to take their holiday road trip.

AAA says that gas prices have been steadily declining since November 1st, when regular unleaded gasoline averaged $3.34 in the Southeast and dropping 20 cents since then to $3.14.

"Although gas price averages are only a few cents shy of what motorists paid last year, prices are not expected to deter holiday travelers," said AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady, , . "AAA forecasts more than 84 million Americans will hit the road for a holiday vacation this year and the good news is pump prices are expected to fall again this week. Some areas in the Southeast have already seen gas prices dip below $3 a gallon."

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(Gas prices courtesy of AAA)