Sand Trap neighbors complain about nightclub

Neighbors complain about club. / Jessica Fairley

Neighbors next door to the Sand Trap nightclub, where a shooting happened, are asking authorities how much more it will take before they step in.

Authorities say they have to follow law enforcement protocol. Once the Albany Police Department receives outstanding complaints about a business, the information is turned over to the city attorney's office.

They say accusations of noise violation, personal injuries and property damage are all taken into account if they decide whether or not to go forward with revoking a business' liquor license.

As of right now, city attorneys say they have no information before them concerning the Sand Trap.

"In this one, there is nothing moving forward in our office or moving at all. It just happened Saturday. So maybe APD will bring us a file to look at," said Nathan Davis, Albany City Attorney.

If the attorney's office decides to move forward with a petition, the information is then sent to the city commission for a vote.

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