Salvation Army--more than just bell ringers

The Salvation Army does more than just the Red Kettle Campaign and hold church services / Ashley Knight

The Salvation Army is so much more than just the Red Kettle Campaign you see outside department stores in the months leading up to Christmas. They are a year-round service, continually striving to give people the help they need if they are willing to seek it.

"When a person comes into need, it is a humbling experience. Most people have to go to a place inside of themselves that they've never had to do before," says Major Kelly English with the Salvation Army.

Food baskets, laundry facilities, and job seeking are just a few things they do in addition to weekly bible study and church services. Major Kelly English recently took over for Captain Doug McClure. Getting him talking about his work, and it's from the heart--getting down to what the Salvation Army is all about.

"Every person who comes in through these doors we consider kings and queens. Because that's what they are. Not everybody makes the right decisions. Sometimes decisions are made that will affect people years down the line. Um. No judgments here. No judgments."

One of those queens is Anna Young, who says it's been difficult finding someone who truly wants to help you out as much as the folks at the Salvation Army.

"They don't discriminate. They help you no matter who you are. They don't put no one before anybody else. You go in there and you be honest and you tell them what you're looking for in life and what you need help with and they help you to the fullest, they help you," says Young.

But the Salvation Army also needs help. Caring people are needed to help others, to share their love. They're also in need of donations of soap, shampoo and toothpaste, which you can get easily at any hotel. And the folks that utilize this service say these things really make a difference.

"That boost my energy up because when you feel clean, you represent yourself better, you can accomplish something more because you feel good, you feel good about yourself, you feel fresh," says Young.

Giving help from the inside out....

"And let it be known that this is a place of love. And always will be," adds English.

For more information on the services they provide, visit their website by clicking here.