Safety in school a constant conversation

Law Enforcement and Educators learn about the latest ways to keep your child safe. / Matt Prichard

Keeping our kids safe for most parents in priority number one, and today in Columbus, teachers and police were looking to make that process even more sound.

"We put this on each year, with the hope that schools and law enforcement officials can come together, learn and share ideas and then take those back to their own local communities," said Public Information Officer for GEMA, Brittany Mealpin.

From lieutenants to principals, hundreds gathered for the 4th annual "Safety In Our Schools Conference," and weren't disappointed.

"There's people and agencies from all over the state here. And to get to talk and find out what's going on in north Georgia counties, what's going on in south Georgia counties, and allow us to tell our experiences as well," said School Safety Manager for Forsyth County, Chris Grimes.

Guests at the conference are given the opportunity to sit through several different seminars--ranging from sex offender checks, to what legal action a school can take if someone brings a gun on campus, and with the shootings at Sandy Hook fresh in their minds, this year's conference was more important than ever.

"In recent events it's brought it to our attention that we really need to go back and review our school safety plan, there's elements that are potentially outdated, and this has given us a lot of good ideas to take back," said Vice Principal, Melissa Trimeloni.

Over the next month we will introduce you to several of the seminars covered during the conference, and what changes are being made in your child's school, to keep them safe.

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