Safely understanding your gun

Due to recent injuries and the upcoming hunting season FOX 31 wanted to get some tips and make people aware of the issue.

/ Franklin White

Practice, practice, practice.

That's the message local experts are spreading when it comes to safely handling your gun.

Due to recent injuries and the upcoming hunting season, FOX 31 wants to make people aware of the issue.

Jackie Sizemore, owner of Backwoods Outdoors, says the most important rule of thumb is you need to know as much information about your gun as possible.

"It's a dangerous situation anytime you handle a gun, and if you treat them like they're loaded then you'll be more respectful on what's going on around you at all times and prevent an accident," says Sizemore.

He adds that anyone who buys a gun from his business is asked a serious of questions to help ensure that they are aware of the dangerous and risks that could happen.

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