RV-ers enjoy the Fourth on the road

Rylan Sangster watches as his grandparents fold up a tent at Chehaw Park Monday / Ashley Knight

Under the shade of their pull out awning, you would say the Sangster family has found their bit of paradise. But they didn't have to go far to find it--they live just 45 minutes away in Vienna.

"It is, get away and then just have a short vacation, you're not too far from home," said Brian Sangster.

Brian Sangster, his wife, son Rylan, and his parents were camped out at Chehaw over the weekend for the Fourth of July and Rylan's birthday.

More are choosing this form of staycation, and what could be more American than traveling the open road.

"You got your own bed to sleep in, you get to bring stuff you can't take with you to a hotel, let the kids ride their bicycle or do outdoor stuff," said Brian.

Two years ago, Ellis Sangster and his family decided to go all in, purchasing first one camper, then his two sons each bought one.

"Just real relaxing to go off somewhere and have your family with you and be able to do what you want to do!" said Ellis Sangster.

They say they enjoy RV-ing because you get all the benefits of feeling like you're getting away from home. But at the same time, they're never too far from home.

Cost is also a factor, they don't have to bother with booking a hotel room.

"Stone Mountain, we go to Dillard up that way and we go to Veteran's Park. I tell everybody that we're going out west, and out west as far as I've gotten is the state park!" said Ellis.

Taking a part of home with you while exploring Georgia's backyard.