Runaway dumptruck in Tifton

      Photo Credit: Wanda Rowell
      A dumptruck in Tifton causes quite the stir this morning.

      Georgia State Patrol says that around 8:30 Tuesday morning, 23-year-old Brad Dotson of Tifton was driving a dumptruck on Highway 82 when he reportedly suffered lower back pain and passed out from the pain.

      Authorities say that the dumptruck left the roadway, striking a utility pole on the shoulder and went into the JM Food Mart parking lot. In the parking lot, the dumptruck struck a utility trailer full of pine straw, then continued on to hit the gas pumps and their shelter, causing a fire. The vehicle then crossed into Highway 319, striking a traffic barrier and coming to a stop.

      Investigators say the fire department was on scene to extinguish the fire. Dotson was transported to Tift Regional Hospital for observation.