Run with the cheetahs

The finish line at Chehaw's "Thru the Zoo" 5K. / Sean Streicher

Imagine taking a morning jog past monkeys, bears, and even cheetahs.

Chehaw's "Thru The Zoo" 5K race had runners doing just that, as the race course brought runners past their wild animal exhibits.

Around 400 participants partook in Saturday morning's race, which benefited conservation efforts for the Guatemalan beaded lizard, black rhinos, and cheetahs.

Organizer, Danielle Sumner thinks the unique scenery had a lot to do with the turn out, "b eing able to run past meerkats, and cheetahs, and monkeys when you're running it just adds to it. You know, it's something that a lot of people are involved in, you know I love to do it, running keeps you healthy but when you have animals as your scenery as your running it just makes it that much better."

After the 5K race, families were able to get in on the action with the "Run Your Tail Off" 1 mile fun run.

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