Run for your life, brains, and Flint RiverQuarium

Riverfront Park where the chase will be on in October. / Sean Streicher

Are you prepared to run for your brains, life, and the Flint RiverQuarium?

The Flint RiverQuarium is hosting the River Zombies: Run for your Life 5K fun run with obstacle course on October 27th at 1 PM.

The race will be a little different in that runners will have flags and zombies will attempt to get the flags during the course of the run. The objective of the race is to make it to the end with the most flags. It's the same course as the Riverfront run on the Riverfront walk.

Vicki Churchman, member and volunteer service manager said the were looking for a fall fundraiser and "wanted something unique and different".

The $25 entrance fee will help benefit the RiverQuarium.

For more information on how to register for the run, visit the River Zombie Facebook Fan Page.

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