Routine traffic stop leads to drug arrest in Warwick

Bryant Jordan / Crisp County Sheriff's Office

First Update (3/26/14)

Warwick police officials say that further investigation of the vehicle has yielded more marijuana.

Lt. Mucci says that the suspects were adamant about getting personal items out of the vehicle, and up to up to another ounce and a half of marijuana was found near the engine.

Mucci adds that dependent upon the final weight of the seized marijuana, the four suspects could each face possession with the intent to distribute.

Initial Story
Lt. John Mucci, the drug commander, with the Warwick Police Department confirms to FOX 31 a drug arrest was made around 6:00 pm Tuesday night.

Mucci says he noticed a car speeding on 300 northbound within the city limits of Warwick, pulled them over, and that's when he noticed marijuana on the driver's shirt. Mucci then called the k9 handler which led them to finding marijuana in the car and trunk.

Mucci told FOX 31 they found 32 grams of marijuana in the vehicle which is a street value of around $1,000.

The four arrested are Quintavious Oliver, Bryant Jordan, Joshua Ross, and Jarvis Hall. Mucci says all four are facing drug related charges and are currently in the Crisp County Jail.

Mucci says Chief David Morris along with the rest of the Warwick Police Department want the public to know they're making a strong stand against drugs coming into the city.