Roundup wraps up with 57 arrests

ADDU, Albany Police and other agencies teamed up to fight crime. / MGN Online

Operation F.A.C.T has wrapped up and over the last two days police arrested 57 criminals. Operations F.A.C.T is an acronym for Fighting Albany Crime Together.

Officers recovered marijuana, spice, cocaine and ecstasy during the raids.

The sting was broken down into two separate days to serve two purposes.

The first day police served warrants fro people with serious felony charges and probation violations.

The second day officers completed compliance checks for criminals deemed as high risk offenders. They also checked in on sex offenders with strict probation conditions.

On day one, there were 31 arrests and on the second day police took 26 suspects into custody.

In a press conference Friday afternoon, Albany police said, law enforcement teams were also able to gather information about the recent shootings while they were working Operation F.A.C.T.

FOX 31 looked into the Albany Police Department's incident reports for the last week and there were eight aggravated assaults involving firearms.

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