ROTC students train like Marines

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

Twenty-eight students from Dougherty County Comprehensive High School took on the MCLB's obstacle course. Sgt. Maj. Stephen Martin, a retired Marine instructor, helped organize the challenge as part of their summer cadet leadership class. "So the cadets or students that don't have anything to do during the summer that want to learn a little more about leadership and discipline, we bring them out here and try to get them prepped for next year" says Martin.

At first it seemed like fun, then rising 10th grade student Demetrius Lyons said it quickly became a challenge. "It was hard but it was also fun at the same time" says Lyons.

Cadets had to get over a high bar, hop over low logs, and then make it over a 8ft wall! Some of the cadets did it on their own, however others needed a little help from a Marine. Next cadets hopped over and under medium height logs, and then it was onto double high bars where they employed creative techniques to make it over and onto the last and most difficult obstacle - the rope climb.

Instructors say there was a clear goal for cadets to accomplish during the course. "Not to give up and to work together as a team and help each other out. And to know that they can push themselves beyond what they're normally expected of if they just have the motivation and the drive" says Martin. He adds that he wants all of the cadets to take away that they can overcome most difficulties and challenges with dedication and hard work.

As an added bonus, all 28 cadets successfully completed the obstacle course.