Rotary gets wild with Chehaw

Kevin Hils, Chehaw's zoo director at the Dougherty County Rotary Club with his friend "Julius Squeezer" / Sarah Bleau

Kevin Hils, Chehaw's zoo director, spoke at Dougherty County Rotary Club about a new educational movement: "No Child Left Inside."

He says kids today spend a lot of time in front of televisions and computers, and he says at Chehaw they encourage kids to get outside, get active and get dirty. He says instead of having kids sit around the TV all summer, parents should have them volunteer at Chehaw.

"We have probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 counties that we do programming with, both going to with our outreach program as well as kids that are coming and being a part of what we do at our facility," Hils says.

He says each year they have schools from South Georgia, Alabama and Florida visit Chehaw Wildlife Park.

"We are the regional zoo," says Hils.

Hils says because schools are short on money and often can't afford the trip to the zoo, he brings the zoo and Chehaw animals to them. He says they do need a new van to use to go into the community because the one they have is almost dead.

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