Rotary Club welcomes Red Cross

The Albany Rotary Club welcomed the American Red Cross Thursday. / From file

The Albany and Dougherty County Rotary Club's met Thursday and welcomed the, "Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross."

Lara Gill, Executive Director of the chapter, says she was overjoyed to come speak to the club, and address some of the issues pertaining to the Red Cross globally, and locally.

"I was asked to speak at Rotary today to enlighten people on some of the things that are going on in the American Red Cross on a broad perspective, but also from a local perspective, so I hope I was able to do that," said Gill.

Gill also spoke on the different functions the Red Cross provides throughout the United States and the world.

"Well I think people have a general idea, you get a lot of different answers when you ask somebody what they think the Red Cross does. A lot of people will say blood, others will say disaster, most people are unaware of our services to the armed forces, and then people also realize, oh yeah, I took that safety course as a teenager. So there's a lot of different things that we do, and I like to go out and let people know that we do all these different things," said Gill.

Several questions pertaining to the work of the Red Cross wrapped up the meeting, and Gill says it was a thrill and a privilege to be a guest speaker.