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      Roll call for Albany summer camps

      When the school year ends, summer camps begin. The Albany area offers dozens of programs that meet a variety of children TMs interest.

      Camps ranging from science and nature camps at the Flint RiverQuarium, art camps at the Albany Museum of Art, and the multi-activity camps offered at Boys & Girls Clubs around Albany.

      Summer camps are also educational. Melissa Martin, of the Flint RiverQuarium says "If a child is struggling with some science things in school, this is a great way to be able to add that in the summer, and the kids are still having a great time. So their actually learning and they don TMt even know it."

      Not only are kids learning and having fun but they are doing so in a safe environment, something Bob Hutchinson of the Boys & Girls Clubs thinks is very important, "We want to make sure kids are in a safe place, a structured program, and involved in good clean wholesome activities, we don TMt want to lose kids to the streets"

      If you are interested in any of the camps mentioned here, please check out their websites bellow:

      Camps at the Albany Museum of Art:

      Flint RiverQuarium Camps:

      The Boys & Girls Clubs Camp: