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      Rocky road ahead for non-registered students

      Dougherty County School System officials are growing increasingly concerned by the low student registration numbers with only one day left to register your child at school.Officials want to make sure that parents understand all students need to be registered, not just rezoned and new students. If a child isn't registered, parents may not realize a bus route, pick up or drop off spot may have changed, causing a student to miss their bus or be taken to the wrong place.Once at school, if a child isn't registered they may not be placed in the proper class, especially for high school students. Board member Velvet Riggins says there is a possibility that a high school student may not have a schedule made if they aren't registered, which can be created once they're at school however if there are multiple students with the same issue it can cause problems.Riggins says she wants all parents to understand it only takes one or two minutes to come into school with a Water, Gas & Light bill as proof of address to ensure your student is at the right school and can receive proper transportation information.The last day for registration is Wednesday, July 31st and officials urge all parents to alleviate any first day of school issues by registering.

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