Rock N Ride 4 Hope Charity event

Dozens of motorcyclists participated in the event

The Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club Dirty South Chapter sponsored the inaugural "Rock N Ride 4 Hope Charity Ride & Jam" all day Saturday.

Dozens of motorcycle riders met at the Lee Pub, enjoyed a live band, silent auction, a raffle, and riding around Albany.

The group is raising money for Donald Bass who's waiting for a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tracy McClure is Bass's daughter and says she's appreciative of the fundraiser because the cost involved with the transplant is astronomical. "When you add up the transplant, hospital stay, doctors' visits, apartment they have to stay in for two weeks, even with health insurance the cost is out of this world. After the transplant the medication alone will be $1500 a month" says McClure.

Kevin "Moose" McNeese, President of the Iron Warriors Dirty South says the group was happy to help out when they found out about Donald Bass through one of their riders. "This is such a great cause to raise money for. One of our riders â" Scott McClure's father in law is in need so we said we'll step up to the plate and raise money. The event also gives us the opportunity to bond with the other motorcycle clubs in the area while raising money" says McNeese.

If you would like more information on how to contribute money to Donald Bass click here.