"Rock & Roll Camp" coming soon

Jammin to the Beatles

The Levee Studios is hosting a week long "Rock Camp" where participants will get music coaching as well as the opportunity to be an active member of a real band.

Jared Humphries, Dean of the Levee School of Rock says camp is a unique experience and definitely not your typical music lesson. "Day one we take 25 kids, split them into 5 bands and by the end of the week they've learned their own song, come up with a band logo, and they have a battle of the bands on day five. All of the parents come and it's a big rock show with spinning lights, smoke, and it's awesome" says Humphries.

FOX 31 News spoke with Tally Kretzer who was rockin' out on the keyboard, and he says he loves it. "I like being able to rock out and play with other people my age" says Kretzer.

Rock camp will be held from June 13-17, 2011 and again from July 11-15, 2011.

For more information call The Levee at 229-255-4331.