Robert Cross put under Code Red after man enters school

There is no longer a perceived threat at Robert Cross Middle School and the building is no longer in Code Red.
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Officials with the Dougherty County School System say Robert Cross Middle School was put under Code Red Monday morning after an unidentified man entered the building.

R.D. Harter, school system Public Information Director, said the administration secured the facility for the safety of students and staff.

Harter said Dougherty County School System police and Dougherty County Sheriff's Department responded, then searched, the facility for the man who was later seen outside.

The man was a school system employee doing work inside the building. He was wearing a winter coat over his uniform an ID badge. A passing teacher did not recognize the worker and notified the principal.

There is no longer a perceived threat and the building is no longer in Code Red.

Harter described what happens during Code Red as access to the facility is secured, teachers lock classroom doors, and no one is allowed into or out of the building until any perceived threat is removed.

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