Road rage leads to aggravated assault case

Officials say Michael Swann was charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly followed another driver who cut him off to a truck stop then became physical with him / Crisp County Sheriff's Office

Most us drive down the road without even exchanging a smile at other drivers, but are quick to get upset when we feel wronged, and officials say there's a fine line between annoyance and road rage.

"The code section says to intimidate, to harass, to annoy. Any steps you take like that other than just simply giving them a few verbal words and moving on can be considered aggressive driving," said Sergeant Jeremy Taylor with the Cordele Police Department.

With that charge comes a hefty fine that carries up to six points on your license. If you come across a driver who isn't backing down, police say it's best to slow down and remove yourself from the situation.

One man found himself the victim of an aggressive driver on Friday after he allegedly cut off another man, who then followed him to the Pilot rest stop in Cordele. The two truck drivers got physical, and that's when officials say Michael Swann struck the man with a tire thumper.

Swann was charged with aggravated assault and police say if ever confronted by someone, lock the doors, keep driving and call for help.

"Get on the phone, call 911 and find a safe location or say I'm being followed by this vehicle. A lot of times just picking up the cell phone will deter that because they assume you're calling 911," said Sgt. Taylor.

If you happen to find yourself as the one who's seeing red, officials say there's no excuse that will keep you from being cited.

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