Road name in Terrell County found offensive

Betty Brown has lived her life on Chain Gang Road and is ok with the name / Ashley Knight

Debate has stirred in Terrell County over the name of a road.

Several members of the community stood up at Wednesday's county commission meeting either in favor of or against changing the name of Chain Gang Road.

Reverend Ezekiel Holley, NAACP chapter president for Terrell County says the name has racial undertones, but many people don't want it changed because of the costs it would incur with changing things like your driver's license.

Betty Brown has lived all her life on chain gang road and has no problem with the name.

"I'm ok with it, I'm ok, I never had a problem in the first place so I'm fine with the way it is now," says Brown.

The commission voted 3-2 against renaming the street.